Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fall 2009 Season Summary & Happy Holidays!

The Society has concluded its Fall 2009 season.  Below is the season House summary as well as some other highlights of the fall:

Affirmed: Marijuana should be legalized
Affirmed: Lobbyists are good for democracy
Rejected: The United States should only go to war by referendum
Rejected: Ubiquitous connectivity is destroying individualism
Affirmed: Hate crime laws are contrary to the spirit of equality

In addition to our House sessions, the Enosinian Society competed against the Philodemic Society of Georgetown University in the second annual Columbian Cup debate. A joint session of our societies in the Philodemic House in Georgetown affirmed Resolved: The death penalty should be abolished.  The debate was judged by alumni of the respective societies (with Ranking Member Aaron Connelly representing the Enosinian Society), and the Philodemic Society walked away with the Cup for the second year in a row.

In a major step toward expanding the Society and ensuring the uniformity and clarity of the Society's functions for members current and future, the Executive Board ratified a new Constitution, officially institutionalizing Enosinian traditions and protocol.  In addition to this, the Society joined social networking sites Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger in an effort to increase its web presence.  Finally, the Society continued to enhance its cooperation with various student organizations at The George Washington University, including the College Democrats and College Republicans, and the Liberty Society.

On behalf of The Enosinian Society, we the Executive Board would like to extend our warmest wishes to our members and the greater GW community in this holiday season.  Thanks for helping to make the Fall 2009 season a success!  Stay safe, warm, and content; we'll see you in the new year!

-The Executive Board-

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