Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fall 2009 Termcard Announced!

Greetings Enosinians! We hope the summer has been good to you! Surely by now your mind has melted away in the summer sun, ceding to mental malaise and intellectual inertia. Either that or Town Hall Fever's got you sick in the head!

Well if you're looking to break your head loose from its summer shackles and do some Cranium Curls and Ponder Pushups (sorry), consider Enosinian your brain-gym because we've got some great debates planned for this upcoming semester! Check it out:

September 9: Marijuana should be legalized
September 23: Lobbyists are good for democracy
October 7: America should only go to war by referendum
October 21: Ubiquitous connectivity is destroying individualism
November 5: COLUMBIAN CUP DEBATE vs. The Philodemic Society of Georgetown

November 18: Hate crime laws are contrary to the spirit of equality
December 2: [Resolution TBD by House vote. Details forthcoming]

Tune in here for more information regarding our upcoming debates, including the pre and post debates!

Get ready for some epic mental masturdebation!