Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In Support of Enosinians!

The Enosinian Society will be squaring off against our esteemed District-dwelling cousins, the Philodemic Society of Georgetown University in the second annual Columbian Cup Debate tomorrow, November 5th at 8pm at Georgetown University. As per tradition, the hosting Society has offered the visiting society a number of resolutions from which to choose. The Executive Board of the Society has reviewed the offerings and has decided to debate,

Resolved: The death penalty should be abolished.

The Enosinian Society will be arguing on behalf of the opposition. Our paper speakers are,

Alex Shoucair, Speaker of the House, Ranking Member
Sean Peerenboom, Visiting Speaker

The Executive Board is asking all Enosinians and George Washington University students to come out to Georgetown tomorrow night to support and defend Enosinians in rhetorical battle! Attendees are neither compelled to speak or support either side. Tomorrow's debate will adhere to the House rules set forth by the Philodemic Society. The winner of the debate will be decided by an independent panel of judges.

May the best society raise the Cup!

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